Andean Region: Interculturality

Different women, equal rights. 

Different women, equal rights. Tradition and care for the sexual and reproductive health of indigenous women arise from the systems of knowledge sustained by women from the Inga, Embera and Wounaan communities who currently live in the city of Bogotá or are expecting to return to their territories.

Those who participated in the construction of this booklet shared their ancestral knowledge, the uses and customs related to their reproductive health, the challenges they must take on in an urban and intercultural setting, and especially their understandings of the main recommendations for reproductive health care from a Western perspective.

The “Oriéntame” Foundation (Guide me) together with the Corporation Embodying Reconciliation, facilitated this initiative to visualize the perspective of indigenous communities regarding the provision of sexual and reproductive health services, harmonizing them with traditional understandings of the body, family, territory, health, as cultural factors that influence reproductive decisions, particularly the ones dealing with the termination of the pregnancy for indigenous women.

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