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This is a space for socializing the permanent exhibitions, which are the result of our pedagogic and creative processes across the globe.

Exhibición permanente

Peaceful Actions Colombia

We began a journey involving the most remote territories and the most silenced populations of Colombia, in search of possibilities for encountering others, which has allowed us, in turn, to exchange stories through our corporeality. Our methodology intends to weave collective narratives between bodies, existences and distant territories, which altogether embody a polyphonic and powerful choir to narrate, re-signify and transform our history.

The creative process starts from the exploration of embodied memories, of the body as a living archive of personal images and landscapes. Later, by mapping the links with others, which inhabit us in our daily gestures and interactions.

Afterwards, we engaged with the territory and the particular communities that belong to it, as bearers of a cumulus of practices that glint as Intangible Cultural Heritage. These expressions of the people imply aesthetic and creative compositions whose protagonists are the neighbours and whose creative tropes are intertwined with the local stories.

While creating, we learned to come together to think in a multiplicity of ways but always respecting our differences within a pluriverse built of daily actions and gestures, which facilitates the construction of real peace. We transform our wounds into a creative resource to configure something new.

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Permanent Exhibition Category


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