How to weave ourselves in a plural manner, like a choir with many voices or a piece of fabric with multi-coloured threads? How do we understand the scope and limits of our own existence based on recognizing the other people existing alongside us? How an intercultural approach targeted for peace-building would look like?

In this exercise, we propose an education that seeks collaborative bridges over competition, to discover what unites us with others and celebrate the differences of the broad spectrum that constitutes humanity.

What parts of yourself and your social group have you recognized thanks to the insights of engaging with others?

Here we invite you to immerse yourself in the experiences we got from the field, in different communities across Colombia with Afroamerican, indigenous, peasant and mestizo groups… Accounts of processes that raised questions such as: Who are we? How do we move? Who are the others and how do they express themselves? All of these inquiries point towards social empathy, that is, to be able to think of ourselves as part of a larger mosaic with infinite characteristics.

We share these landscapes, these collective creations that speak about our diverse nature and the necessary effort to interweave ourselves along with our differences, in peace.

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