Despite anatomic similarities between human beings, each body is the response to the conditions of its environment, and even when born and raised within the same region, the array of different behaviours and attitudes, inform the bodies’ development as diverse and unique. Time, too, is a prominent force making bodies adapt how they communicate and relate to one another. 

“One feels that, in each body, in each sensation there is an aesthetic power, an imaginary and its infinite possibilities to build more images, to tell stories that have not been told elsewhere yet”. Santiago Bastidas, Cultural Agent from Popayán.                                                                                                  

Our bodies are filled with stories. We can always recover the feel of someone we love hugging us, the sensation we felt while going for a walk and discovering a new place or the injuries we got while being adventurous children…

“We had the experience of collecting these responses from the different parts of the country and afterwards we were finally able to understand that this whole aspect of the body as an archive has a lot to do with our context, with our region, with our personal stories. Our colleagues from the coast were recovering their feelings starting with the heat, the contentment, the bliss … contrary to those of us in regions that are colder … Our experience of the body is a little more collected, more inwardly driven”. Lorena León, Cultural Agent from Putumayo.

In this exhibition you will find expressions of the cultural agents who participated with the Museum Bodies for Empathy, exploring their bodies as an archive of memories and bonds with themselves and others.

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We begin the journey through a map of Colombia that helps to connect our multiple communities to then, use social and cultural approaches to engage

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