Caribbean Region: Interculturality

“Our Legacy: Abandoned Hospital in Galeras, Sucre” 2019

The final exhibition of our training process took place in the former and now abandoned Galeras Hospital, a place chosen by the young people to symbolically invite the inhabitants of the town to reconcile with their own spaces. The dark stage at night was illuminated by a sequence of lanterns that led the audience to an open-air stage wherein, they would find the Live Painting “Our Legacy”, a celebration of Galerano’s cultural heritage accompanied by the projection of a video of a clock and present bodies that intended to symbolize the roots that give life to the Carob tree.

Inhabiting the other´s body: Galeras, Sucre: Performance with silhouettes in the abandoned Galeras Hospital, Sucre. 2019

“In this world, there are two times. A mechanical time and a corporeal time. The first is as rigid and metallic as a heavy iron pendulum that goes and returns, goes and returns, goes and returns. The second rotates and undulates like a bluefish in a bay. The first is inflexible and predetermined. The second chooses the future as it passes by”. Einstein’s Dreams



The Yonna and the Spiral Time, 2019 

The return to the land of dreams that operate in spiral time, gave us a space of immersion and intercultural exchange where we had the opportunity to move through different territories and mythical times. We learned to move like the wind to the rhythm of the drums that accompany the Yonna’s dance to immerse ourselves in the symbolic complexity of each of its stories.

My Reconciliation

Videoclip of the “Ephemeral Museum for Reconciliation” project in Galeras, Sucre.

A community-based and participatory creation that gives visibility to local cultural stories and practices; reconnecting and empowering the community around such heritage, with a special focus on children and young people to give them a leading role in its transmission.

Winning Project “Youth and Peacebuilding”
El Nogal Foundation. 2016
Original Music: Juan Iriarte

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