This is space for socializing the research, training and artistic residencies processes.


In addition to registering the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the communities, the Museum is presented as an autonomous and collaborative learning space for a diversity of groups across Colombia and the world.

Experiential learning and immersive technology allow for the understanding of cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence, collaborative societies, community cohesion, peacebuilding and the incorporation of Human Rights.

The learning activities organized, facilitate respect for multiculturalism and the acceptance of interculturality through conferences, seminars and workshops.

Courses and Workshops


In this section lectures, courses, workshops, and training programs are presented with the themes of our Museum: Body and Corporeality; Intangible Cultural Heritage and Interculturality.

These are developed with innovative and experiential methodologies, such as collaborative cartographies, movement-based approaches, dance, audiovisuals and other practices belonging to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Colombia and the world.

Artistic Residencies

Residencias artísticas

An intercultural awareness through immersive experiences in diverse communities allows for the expansion of the reflections around corporeality, memory, territory and healing processes, all of which contributes to the understanding of the meaning of the tangible objects of culture, as well as the musical and literary compositions of the cultures of the world through retrospective and introspective approaches of art history.

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