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This section is constituted of immersive spaces wherein the user can explore new technologies of human movement recognition to generate empathy and respect for our cultural diversity as a fundamental value, greatly needed for our contemporary societies.

Empathy in motion

Empatía en Movimiento

The registration, digitization and documentation of the various cultural practices must be at the centre of any safeguarding strategy. Hence, we have designed this interactive space where you can experience first-hand, the dances that are part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity as well as their potential to produce bodily empathy across digital spaces.

As such, this is an interactive space where you can immerse yourself in the dances that are part of the intangible heritage of humanity.

Explore and learn colombian dances

Today technology allows you to generate synchronous movement between your body and the body of the other, in a virtual space.

Select some of the dances with our guest artists.

Bambuco dance

Nariño - Colombia

Carranga dance

Boyacá - Colombia

Cumbia dance

Caribe - Colombia

Chirimía dance

Chocó - Colombia

Porro dance

Región Caribe, con practicantes en Córdoba, Bolívar y Sucre

Baile Chirimía

Chocó - Colombia

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