Empáticos category

In this section the user can find a series of sound narratives that promote empathy, respect and protection of cultural diversity as fundamental values ​​of society.


The Museo Cuerpos para la Empatía is eager to reach as many audiences as possible and engage with new communication trends to share audio content within digital spaces. This is the case of our Podcast.

Empáticos is the Podcast of the Museo Cuerpos para la Empatía that provides audiences with a type of content that is dynamic and easy-to-consume, a learning medium that will be available on social networks and all the streaming services for this format.

Here you will find digital audio and video files to download with contents of interest:

  • Stories of the territories conveyed through the voice of their protagonists.
  • Music and sound effects from ethnic, rural and urban communities.
  • Updates and testimonies of reconciliation.
  • Tutorials and didactic content for Cultural Agents.


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